Don’t stress about 2nd year housing now

Second year housing is always a stress. Whether you lived in unbelievably expensive halls before or stayed at home, it is always a pickle. Privately rented accommodation is always a bit much for anyone, including actual adults. Who are you going to live with? Where will it be? Are you even going to live with the same people you are now? 

I can guarantee that you won’t know all, if any, of the answers to these questions. But the real thing you ought to know is that you’ve always got time. There are more often than not more houses and flats than students, so you’ll never be homeless – even if it sometimes feels that way. If worst comes to worst, it’s also common for people to drop out last minute and for their housemates to need a replacement anyway.

All you need to do is check Facebook groups or the Cribs channel on Campus Society where they’re often advertised and if not, asking through friends and even the university can work. If all else fails, you could commute from home if you live close enough or just reapply to halls. These are very unlikely situations, though, unless it’s your first choice because you really hated living in student accommodation with others.

You need the time now to figure out which friends you like enough anyway – take it from me, you definitely don’t want to panic and choose any group of friends because it can make or break your entire second year. I was stressing about it because Christmas had come and gone and I thought living with one of my good friends and some of her mates who I’d met before would be great; we got along together well, we all did the same or similar courses, so I thought it was going to be a great year. Turns out, it was genuinely the worst year of my life and it’s a shame because my course was great.

You need to figure out who you actually want to live with before even starting to stress because it really is unnecessary, I promise. Even if you ended up with a terrible house with mould and broken showers and a landlord who walks in without giving notice (which is illegal, btw), if you live with the right people it can make any year better. It won’t matter about the other stuff as long as you’re happy with those you live with.

All in all, you really don’t need to stress about second year housing. Focus on finding the right housemates first and the rest will just fall into place. Most cities have far more properties than students and if you go through the university, they can tell you which landlords are approved by them. Enjoy second year – it’s the best one.

Stephanie Bennett

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