X-Factor Celebrity is everything we didn’t need

The X-Factor has been a Saturday night staple since 2004, and it recently it became clear the same old routine was getting a bit tired and needed a change. Enter: X-Factor Celebrity. However, I think it’s fair to say it’s probably not going down as well as Simon had anticipated. I can’t deny I was more intrigued to see this series of The X-Factor than I have been for a long time. However, barely 10 minutes in I was ready to change the channel. So why has it flunked so badly?

Even the title is misleading 

If you’re going to have a celebrity X-Factor, the very least they could do is have real celebrities. However, the majority of contestants were far from actual celebrity status. Does being a social media influencer or a Love Island contestant from 2015 really make you a celeb? 

This goes against most of the original appeal of the X-Factor 

Admittedly it has been quite a few years since I watched The X-Factor, but I did used to enjoy it and what people want to see is the rags to riches tale. We love to see someone who’s come from nothing but makes something of themselves. However, using “celebrities” takes away that fundamental element of the X-Factor, and I’m not sure we actually care about them.

It’s fixed 

Although I couldn’t even make it through the first episode, I have heard several people complaining that it seems to be fixed, with certain people being favoured over others despite not actually being talented. What is the point if they’re not even going to showcase real talent? 

Is it time to give it a break? 

With the shows continually falling ratings, it was clear something had to change, but perhaps this wasn’t the best choice. Maybe Simon needs to realise that we just all need a break from The X-Factor after so many years.

Image: Radio Times

Alex Eastland

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