5 horror films to watch if you hate gore

It’s that time of year when everything is getting darker, and inevitably with Halloween creeping closer, many people will be turning to horror films to fill the chilly evenings. However, for those who aren’t a fan of blood and guts all over your screens, here is a list of horror films that keep the gore to a minimum.

The Woman in Black

A true ghost story, and a fantastic original novel (if you like reading ghost stories). The chilling tale is filled with jump scares, hauntings, and a great storyline. The woman in black herself will have you petrified.


Another haunted house film, with a very sinister tale of ghosts, demons, and possession. It’s a scary movie without the need for gore – just be prepared to jump!


A classic horror film. Okay, so it may have dated now considering its release was back in 1960 and compared to some of the other creepy films on this list it might not seem that scary, but it is still an excellent film and is one of the most famous horror films out there.

Paranormal Activity

Using the ‘found footage’ technique that was very popular with horror films a few years ago, Paranormal Activity uses the implied idea of violence rather than gore and blood. It might make you jump, but you won’t feel squeamish.

The Ring 

This film may have dated a bit with its use of videotapes, but the concept of watching a video and then getting a phone call to tell you you only have seven more days to live is still terrifying. They manage to pull off the whole movie with minimal gore but just a lot of creepiness.

Alex Eastland

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