A Masters is very different from undergrad life

Thinking of doing a Masters? Unsure of how different it will be? Read on.

It’s definitely NOT like doing ‘an extra year of undergrad’

A common misconception. When I applied, I certainly thought I was basically buying another year of uni, but the reality is far from it. Do some research and know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for.

Everybody does ALL the work

Think about it. Nobody’s doing a Masters for the good of their health. People actually do all the work – it’s not like undergrad where your tutor will laugh it off if absolutely no one’s done the reading. At Masters level, you’ll be alone if you haven’t done the seminar prep – apart from the one mate you’ll make after bonding over your total lack of motivation.

It’s a lot lonelier

If you’ve moved unis, naturally things will feel lonely, but even if you’ve stayed put things will take adjusting to. Perhaps you miss your old seminar buddy who’s graduated and moved away. Or maybe your housemates have been slightly reshuffled. Either way, no matter how drastic the change is for you, there’s definitely always some adjusting to do when it comes to tackling a Masters.

You barely go out

It gets to Friday and… you’re just so TIRED? It turns out actually doing work at uni is tough and hard. You laughed about being a grandma for only going out once a week in third year compared to your endless seshing in first year, but only now do you realise that once a week was crazy. You thought you were a grandma last year but how wrong you were. Now you are truly a grandma.

That said…

It’s a lot more rewarding. I got a lot out of my undergrad degree in terms of life experience, but academically I could have been pushed a little harder. If you’re happy to work hard, a Masters will leave you feeling challenged and intellectually stimulated – which is a pretty good feeling.

Serena Smith

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