Adele does not look ‘better’ for losing weight

Adele is in the news. Again. Not for being the extremely talented, successful woman that she is, but for losing weight. Yep, that’s right. Pictures have emerged of the singer at various events over the past week and the general consensus is that she looks ‘better’ having lost 3 stone, with various outlets and social media users choosing to post ‘before and after’ pictures of the star, showing how ‘bad’ she looked before.

Except Adele didn’t look ‘bad’ then. It’s just, right now, she’s changed her lifestyle. In amongst the people celebrating her weight loss, the media is also shaming her past appearance and going as far to suggest that this is her ‘revenge body’ – a concept in itself I’ve never understood or, really, got behind.

Rather than the media celebrating the fact that Adele is healthy, they are obsessed with the fact that she is skinnier. It’s become this big thing, more than likely (apparently) connected to her divorce, and it’s made eating well and exercising become something to do with her relationship rather than something as simple as – I don’t know – a positive choice. It just shows us that, as a society, we’re extremely focused on our bodies and our appearance over our health and body acceptance.

Nobody is taking into account the fact that, after all, she’s going through a divorce. It’s a traumatic and upsetting thing for everyone, not just celebrities, so I think the press, the fans and everyone who’s focused on her weight loss need to think more about her wellbeing.

Obviously, we’ll never know her intentions. That’s exactly the point though, whether she’s lost weight or not, it’s her body, not ours. So, instead of tearing down how she’s looked in the past, we need to re-evaluate. Yes, she looks happy and healthy but – like we all are – she’s more than her body. She’s an actual human being with thoughts, feelings and talent. You cannot weigh your worth.

We need to pay attention to her talent and wait patiently for another number one album… rather than focus on the numbers on the scale.

Jennifer Rose

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