Third year isn’t the end, it’s a grand beginning

From the rose-tinted wilderness of university to the challenging ‘real world’ of adult life and responsibility, anyone facing their third year should also be seriously gearing up for the next step in their journey. Graduation isn’t just a simple transition, it is the grand finale of a lifetime of education and as a result, it is also a grand beginning.

After graduation, you will have begun the biggest chapter of your life. For the next 40 years or so many people will want to have achieved as much as they possibly can, from having a beautiful home to visiting some of the most remarkable spots on earth. It’s a time to learn and develop and find happiness from this epic chunk of life. If you want all these things, then it’s time to make a plan of action towards achieving them, because the chances of randomly stumbling upon success are basically zero.

Start thinking about the future. Imagine yourself in 3 years, in 5 years, in 15 years. Think about ‘old you’, from that perspective try and look back upon your life as if it were already spent; imagine what your regrets may look like, what you have pride in, what story you want to tell, because that is the story that you are designing right now at this stage in life. Third year isn’t the end.

Once you have visualised exactly what you want, it’s then possible to make a plan. Preparation will be both practical and spiritual; you must not only take care of the logistics, the bills, the formalities, but also yourself. You need to know yourself, be comfortable in your own body and mind, even in its darkest depths. That way, you will be mentally robust enough to tackle the world, and at the same time figure out what you can contribute as a uniquely skilled individual. Knowing your purpose gives life its meaning, so take your time, leave no mental stone unturned, and get ready for your entire life to begin!

Philip Lowe

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