Yes, you can start celebrating Christmas now

Wipe the fake blood off the walls and put your Halloween costume away – it’s officially time for Christmas. It’s dark, cold and dreary outside and the anticipation for Christmas may be the one thing that can get us all through the misery of this term.

Christmas is the next big thing in the calendar and, telling the truth, it’s the best event of the year. It’s never too early to start celebrating! Mariah Carey has begun to emerge from her long slumber and is once again gracing social media, shops and radios with one of the best Christmas hits of all time. Mariah’s appearance on your feed is when you know it’s almost time to get the tinsel out.

The coffee shops are starting to bring out their new menus with speciality coffees and teas filled with cinnamon, treacle and cream; the Christmas lights are slowly trickling their way onto the fronts of shops and houses and it’s finally about time to start watching the classic Christmas favourites that remind you of being a kid. You can relax, lie in on the mornings and wake up to your mum screeching out Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ in the bathroom as she gets ready. You can make time to get creative, see friends, and the pressure of exams somehow manages to seem far away.

With the dragging of term, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Actually, it’s nice having a break from work and being able to relax in the comfort of your own bed with your pets and a load of food you don’t have to buy from your dwindling bank account. You even get to spend a bit of time with your family before the inevitable arguments break out. For the first week or so, it’s comfortable being back around with the family you’ve probably not seen in a while. Halloween’s over now, but the best holiday is soon to be upon us.

Stephanie Bennett

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