Five myths about Cambridge that are actually true

There are loads of myths about Cambridge, but only some are true. Having started my masters here this Autumn, I’ve learnt which myths have something behind them and which are completely fake. Here are a few which are confirmed as true.

1. You can’t walk on the grass in most colleges

Some are quite relaxed and don’t have elaborate gardens or greens, but most of the older Cambridge colleges in the centre of town will basically cut your head off if you try to walk on the grass.

2. You can’t take your gown off during formals

Too hot? Too itchy? Tough. Most Cambridge colleges will make you keep your gown on during formals. But at least you can take it off when you go out afterwards.

3. St. Johnians are the only people in the country besides the Royal Family who can eat swan

St. John’s College members and alumni are the only people who can eat swan besides the Royal Family, as technically the Queen owns them all or something. And people say this place is elitist?

4. Oliver Cromwell’s head is really buried at Sidney Sussex college

Perhaps one of the most famous myths about Cambridge. His head had a pretty traumatic time – he was exhumed and posthumously executed for regicide after Charles II was reinstated as monarch, stuck on a spike, sold to several people and displayed in museums – but it came to its final resting place in Cambridge in 1960.

5. Everyone is a huge nerd

Yep. Very few normal people, loads of nerds – just as you’d expect.

Serena Smith

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