We’re officially in the worst part of the academic year

That’s right, we’re in for it now. Forget exam season, November is officially the worst part of the academic year and even the distant hope of Christmas can’t save us from the horrendous next couple of weeks. Here’s why:

1. It’s dark nearly all of the time

The nights are drawing in and even if it doesn’t seem like it, it does have an impact. Whether it’s just feeling like you should be going to bed earlier because it’s darker or the cold, it’s common to have less energy in winter. Don’t even get me started on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Even if you don’t suffer from the debilitating SAD, it’s a fact that less sunlight can make you sad and more easily prone to depression

2. It’s colder and all you want to do is stay in bed and stay where it’s warm

It comes hand in hand with the darker weather. And with it comes the lethargy. More naps, less work and that’s really not what you need right now. All your motivation seems to be sapped with the setting of the sun despite all the rising work you’ve got.

3. Deadlines are everywhere

Speaking of rising work, it’s the time in the academic year where deadlines are beginning to loom. You’ve got all the preparation to still work through but what seems like a million essays to write. Combined with this increase in work is the lack of motivation, so you’re just left with procrastination and stress.

4. Christmas feels unreachable

It’s the middle of term, and while Christmas trees are beginning to emerge in shops and Mariah Carey is starting to worm her way back into mainstream media with her iconic Christmas hit, the break you need is still desperately far away.

5. You’re flat broke

Your loan is dwindling, if it’s not gone already. It’s still a long time until the next instalment and you’re stuck surviving on little and will be for a while. You’ve considered selling your stuff, but who would want your old t-shirt from a Freshers’ Week paint party? It’s difficult to relax when you’re constantly aware of the pennies in your bank account.

Stephanie Bennett

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