I’m not Bah Humbug, it’s just too early to celebrate Christmas

It was pre-Halloween and I was doing my weekly shop. I turned into the seasonal aisle and saw that the supermarket had skipped over Halloween – I was immediately faced with an onslaught of Father Christmas. If this had been at the end of November or in December I would have been ecstatic at this sight, but it was October. I was horrified (I suppose they maintained the Halloween theme somehow…). It was just too early to celebrate Christmas!

I’m one of those people who only starts celebrating Christmas on December 1st. You can guarantee that I’ll have songs playing, Christmas movies saved to my list and tinsel up on that day! But before then, it’s too early. I think a whole month of Christmas is the perfect amount, otherwise, when it actually gets to Christmas Day I find that I’m tired of the songs and decorations, and Christmas Day isn’t as special.

I do allow for acceptations though… I know people like to celebrate early, which I won’t complain about too bitterly, as long as it is a few days after bonfire night. There are some houses near where I live that had their Christmas decorations up since before Halloween and bonfire night, and I think that’s crazy! That’s literally a quarter of your year spent celebrating Christmas – is that not excessive?

University is a little different

Due to us leaving uni for the Christmas break way before the 25th I’m ok with starting before the 1st. Although in my house we still only do all of the dinners and major decorations in December! For me, I just really don’t enjoy Christmas if it begins too early. I want it to be a magical time of year, and I find that if I start too early then it becomes a normal everyday event in my life, and I don’t appreciate it as much as I do when I only celebrate it for a month.

Don’t get me wrong I’m most definitely not a Scrooge; if people want to celebrate Christmas in early November (or god forbid, even earlier!) that’s ok-ish – I can just guarantee I will be heading in the opposite direction. However, please do not start before November!

Michaela Clancy

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