Strapped for cash? Alternative ways to make money as a student

While being a student is incredibly fun, for me it also means one thing: being perpetually broke. With the cost of living rising, and nights out becoming more and more tempting as the term goes on, you’ve got to get savvy with ways you can make money. Sure, you could get a part-time job, but that’ll eat so much into the precious time that you could be spending doing NOTHING. So, why not try a few alternative routes?


…your notes!

Have people ever told you your notes are next level? Well, before you delete last year’s (or are keeping them JUST IN CASE), why not sell them? Obviously, selling essays is OUT of the question (don’t risk plagiarising your own work), but selling your old notes is free reign.

Why not try a platform like Nexus Notes? Make some cash from all that hard work you’ve already put in.

… yourself!

Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you make an OnlyFans account anytime soon. Let me explain…

So, everyone has a hidden talent. Sure, you can’t make money from doing the splits or folding a fiver into a shirt, but by using Fiverr, you could utilise your hidden gifts. With a platform for pretty much anything, all you have to do is make an account, tell people what you’re good at, set your rates, and make some money!

…your stuff!

From things you’ve brought with you to uni that were ‘essential’ to old textbooks that you’ve accidentally hoarded, accept it – you just have too much stuff. Marie Kondo says to get rid of things if they don’t bring you joy, so why not sell them on and make some cash?

For this, I’d recommend Paperclip. Proudly known as ‘the UK’s most trusted marketplace’, they take the fuss out of student selling, with real people offering real deals – and you could be one of them. With an easy to use interface, Paperclip provides you with the platform to sell absolutely anything (and I mean ANYTHING).

Unlike other resale sites, Paperclip has a campus-focused section where you can buy and sell with other students at your university, letting you save on those pesky p&p fees on heavy textbooks or the massive coat that just isn’t your brand anymore.

Simple and easy to use, Paperclip is available on iOS, Android, and online, making it easier than ever to sell your stuff and make money. So, why not check it out and sell some stuff for some cold hard cash!

Have you got any cool ways you’ve made money during your degree?

Alison Irlam

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