about us


Our story started in 2016 with our founder Rashid, who kick-started the Campus Society brand driven by a need from his own university experience to easily link up with other students and collaborate on projects.

Since then, we’ve become the UK’s leading student social network, and this year we are going through huge change by relaunching our brand and evolving our product for users and partners on a global scale.

What we do

Campus Society has one aim: to connect students and make finding university friends easy peasy. 

We want to help make every student’s university journey unforgettable – from joining societies to finding flatmates, to connecting with fellow grime/baking/sci-fi lovers at universities worldwide. Whatever you love, people are talking about it on Campus Society.


Our team is largely based in an open and fun Soho office, with regular visits from our office dogs, Bernard and Supergirl.

It’s not all work and no play, either – we have regular team lunches and afternoon events to get to know each other outside of office life (we’ve found that darts and free drinks are a winning combination).

our values

Just like our student community, we’re vocal about our opinions.

Community drives who we are and what we do, so it’s only natural that we work to create an inclusive team where everyone’s welcome.

Nobody likes to sit still. We’re constantly experimenting with our brand to see how we can become the best versions of ourselves.

We work together across all departments to create the best product we can. All ideas are welcome.

When others ask “Why?” we ask, “Why not?”. We embrace new trends and tech and are always finding new ways to approach things.

Students crave community, so we make their lives easier and simpler by providing a network specifically for them.

We listen to our student community’s feedback and implement this into our product development.


Our mission is to be the world’s leading network for students, supporting them throughout their university journey. We aim to be an exclusive place for students worldwide to speak up and be heard, build meaningful connections, enjoy discounts, source career information, access entertaining and useful content, and find graduate jobs.

We dream big: Our vision is to be a global student community organised around shared interests and common experiences that represents the voices of students everywhere. We want 100% of the world’s university students actively enjoying our network!

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