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The new campus society has arrived

Campus Society is relaunching with a fresh brand, features, and functionality for the new academic year. We’ve worked closely with students over the past year to get their feedback and insights as to what they want to see in their social network, and the result is looking 👌

We’d like you to be a launch partner

As part of our launch and as a first-time opportunity for brands, we are looking for a limited number of brand partners to work with us as charter launch partners.

You’ll get exclusive access to verified students on the new Campus Society social network, and be able to drive awareness and engagement for your brand.

As you’ll be one of the first partners on the new Campus Society, we’ll work closely with your brand to test and learn to maximise your results on the network based on your objectives.

Example brand profiles

engage with gen z students

Campus Society is a social network exclusively for university students. Partnering with us means putting your brand at the heart of the university experience and building stronger connections with verified students, primarily between 18-24 years old.


Remember organic reach? Connect with your audience without it costing the earth.


Target special interest channels, groups, and relevant topics for your content and posts.


We offer a range of existing formats for easy asset creation or re-purposed content.


See what’s trending in the student sphere. Understand what is important to students.


Connect with super-users, find your most loyal followers, and build ambassador networks.


Create polls, gather listening insights and test student reactions to campaigns.

Straight up ads

For those brands who are keen to get involved post-launch, we’re super excited that native advertising and social media formats will be available, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the post-launch buzz.

Example brand advertising

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If you’re interested in our brand partner opportunities, simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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