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Campus Books is our online library full of university course textbooks, literary classics, and reference publications. Ditch the weight and free up space in your bag for more important things.

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Search keywords and get quotes effortlessly


Highlight and create your own notes


Create reading lists to easily find what you want


Night Mode, Text-to-Speech, Flux Mode & more

publishing partners


Traditional printed textbooks are expensive and bulky, and cash-strapped students love free offers. We are offering businesses the chance to reward and incentivize students by sponsoring their textbooks, which can be targeted by course and institution. Help students save cash and they will remember and relate to your brand.

Incentivize students to
engage with your brand

Promote as a value-add reward to incentivise students to engage with your brand (e.g. sign-ups, sales, bookings);

Be first-of-mind
for Grads

Build rapport with students studying specific courses aligned to your business and be first-of-mind for Grads.

barclays Offers fresher students free e-textbooks

Our most recent promotion is with Barclays, who have teamed up with us to offer first-year students three free e-textbooks when they open their Barclays Student Additions Account.

How do I access campus books?

At the moment, we are working with a limited number of partners to deliver Campus Books as an exclusive benefit to their student customers. If you’d like to know more, fill in the form below.

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