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Meet the Devs
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Digital Humanities
1 week, 5 days ago

I’ve been searching for ….

We're on fire this summer and have already got more features to share with you!

There has been a trend lately where people are looking for something. Looking for friends, looking for jobs, looking for their course mates, and even looking for the meaning of life. To make it easier to find all the answers we overhauled our search algorithm.

That’s right! Try and search now for that missed connection from a night long long ago… Or maybe not. Now it is easier to find people, channels, and content on Campus! So go on and give it a spin! What’s the most random thing you can find?

Don’t know what it is that you are exactly looking for? We’ve covered that as well by introducing Categories on Explore. Tagged channels are now featured by category which we can switch up to keep things interesting. To start things off we covered the basics!

Have you checked out our Blogger Network?  There are some great blogs out there created by students like you! You can find student blogs all in one place.

And that’s not all! We #finally #fixed #hashtags! You can click one (and search!) and find everything tagged with the same hashtag so you can keep up with the latest and most popular discussion topics ranging from #Boreholes to #ListeningSkills to #SigmundFreud.


Oh, by the way, if you’re experiencing problems on the desktop since the new update, try clearing your browser cache to force and update.

#CampusFeatures #NewsFromTheDevs

## I’ve been searching for …. We're on fire this summer and have already got more features to share with ...
Emma Shearer 🎧 1 week, 4 days ago
I am also striving to get my GPA up!!
Natasha Randall-Nesbit 🐝 1 week, 4 days ago
This is so cool!!! :)
Fatima Mansilla 1 week ago
Digital Humanities
1 month, 2 weeks ago

There’s something different around here…

Read on for everything you need to know about what’s new on Campus.

You’ve fought. You’ve struggled. You’ve succeeded. We’ve listened. It’s now time to make it easier to share your uni experience on Campus, so we’ve completely overhauled how posting and creating channels works on Campus Society! We’ve got a lot of updates and new features for you so grab your favorite snack and read on.

I post, you post, we all post!

  • Ever made an embarrassing mistake on the internet and wished it would just disappear? We brought you the ability to edit chats and figured it was high time we also made it possible to edit your posts. Gone are the days of embarrassing typos and misquotes!
  • A picture is worth a 1000 words so maybe we should add more pictures? Yeah you got that right, you can now add multiple images in one post!
  • Sometimes you’ve got something to say and CAPS IS NOT ENOUGH. You might have struggled with markdown before, but that is no more! Now when you select the text in your post a formatting box with editing options will appear.
  • To expand on that, we made it easier to make bulleted lists as well. All the better to keep track of that ever growing to-do list!
  • Need to run? Or got caught with a bit of writer’s block? You can save your unfinished posts as drafts so you can come back to it at a later time!
  • Got a photo or a document you want to share later? On the web you can upload content to the Media Library for retrieval when it is ready to see the world.

Make your channel a bit more spectacular!

  • Want to make a channel for your society, or for your own safe space? Do you also want people to be able to find you, and request to join? You can now have a ‘closed’ channel. A closed channel is one that’s not hidden from the search, however, you must request access to join, which can be approved by the admins.
  • Is your channel a blog? A space to share content about a specific topic or interest? Is it for an organisation, or just somewhere to talk with your classmates? Now you can decide! This helps with categorisation and searching, and means that people can find your channel more easily!
  • You can also now tag your channel. This means that you can add a ‘music’ tag to your music blog, or a ‘sports’ tag to your football channel… riveting stuff! Again, this helps with exposure, and should help with search.
  • Created a channel but worried that it’s not quite right? Now you can preview it before publishing (mobile only).

Phew! We’ve been working hard on these updates, but we’re always looking to improve. We hope that some of these bring you tears of joy, however, we’d love to hear more suggestions from you!

Now to the pub… it’s happy hour somewhere!

#CampusFeatures #NewsFromTheDevs


# There’s something different around here… _Read on for everything you need to know about what’s new on Campus._ * ...
Chrystal I 🌺 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Sound great guys!! I love the multiple images feature :D
Emma Shearer 🎧 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Another thing: Is it yet possible to embed stuff or include HTML in posts? I'm just thinking as on my blog I can embed a Spotify playlist using a link for example & was wondering if I can do that on Campus?
Fatima Mansilla 1 week ago
Thank you so much for the information @Jenn 📖☕ wonderful news!
Digital Humanities
3 weeks, 5 days ago

How can I make friends before uni?

It's a question that every future student asks at some point in the summer before uni – and the answer is pretty simple. The easiest place to find your fellow classmates is Campus Society and we've just made it that much easier to find them on Explore!

People on Explore is now broken down to the following:

  • Fellow students with the same course - Easy to find and follow to start talking about the upcoming semester.
  • Users at your uni - so you can find and follow them quickly because let’s be honest that’s what you’re here to do, right?
  • Campus users with the same degree - no need to worry if you’re the first to join your degree at your uni, because you can easily find fellow classmates on Campus!
  • Users who are already super active on the platform - these people are great to reach out to for advice and tips about Campus Society.

So I follow these people, but what happens now?

If you use the app you already know about the Network function. Network is a feed tailored to show posts from people at your uni and channels you’re in. When you follow someone, they’re also integrated into the feed.

Yeah I use the app and know this, so what’s the big deal?

Well, we finally brought Network over to the desktop. That's right. For the non-app users Network is where you can:

  • Find posts from all around Campus Society
  • Get channel recommendations
  • See what's live on campus
  • Find some more people you may know

How’s that for ending July with a bang?! Thank you everyone for all your feedback – now let’s get on to creating even more great features for you to enjoy!

#CampusFeatures #NewsFromTheDevs


Oh, by the way, if you’re experiencing problems on the desktop since the new update, try clearing your browser cache to force and update.

## How can I make friends before uni? --- It's a question that every future student asks at some point ...
Emma Shearer 🎧 3 weeks, 4 days ago
Love this! I got a shock & a bit taken aback when I logged in to see the home screen completely changed!! However, I love it. Also, at first, when I looked at that gif, I originally thought it was the character "Brooke" from Scream (Netflix Original TV show.) I may have been watching too much of that recently! I'm watching it right now. Nearly finished season 2! In less than a week!
Fatima Mansilla 1 week, 1 day ago
Thank you Jen!
Fatima Mansilla 1 week ago
The app is giving me some problems @Jenn 📖☕ I am not allowed to invite people to channels or like some post! also when I attach something gives me error.......thanks for the post, very helpful!
Cyber Security And Networking
4 weeks ago

Would highly appreciate if the devs could enable @everyone feature for channel owners in order to send notifications to all the members in their channel! My channel has more than 1K members it won't let me can anyone help!

Emma Shearer 🎧 3 weeks, 3 days ago
I know. If you make a channel private, people can't even request to join so it defeats the purpose of having a blog channel for me aha!
Ali is Back 💻 3 weeks, 3 days ago
True that.
Fatima Mansilla 1 week ago
yes, that is right! I just started with my own channels. Much better now, I have the time to help if necessary
Bachelor Of Business (Marketing & Property)
2 weeks ago

Hey guys just noted that today I haven't been able to open the freshers channel in the iOS app. Every time I do it crashes the app.
Not sure what's going on coz it worked yesterday.

Jamie Street 🍕 1 week, 6 days ago
@Warrd Adlani - any idea what might be causing this?
Stacey 👩🏽‍💻🇦🇺 1 week, 3 days ago
Hey guys this is still happening. I can't even open freshers now. App just crashes.
Fatima Mansilla 1 week ago
No idea! it happens the same to me the other day

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