Community Guidelines


Campus Society is your student community. The following guidelines are to ensure your time here is both safe and enjoyable.


Play nice
Keep it legal
Keep it clean
Stay safe
Play nice

There’s nothing we want more than for members to engage, debate and share ideas and make friends with as many other students as you can possibly manage. But break the guidelines and you’re liable to have content removed, receive a warning or get banned. After all it’s our house, our rules.

Keep it legal

Don’t post someone’s private information. Don’t defame anyone or try to conduct any illegal activities. And no porn! All of these will result in a ban.

Keep it clean

While we allow swearing as a form of expression, we don’t allow anything too extreme, directed at another student, or with the intent of causing upset.

Stay safe

Don’t share personal details in public areas on the network – whether your own, or a friend or family member’s. If you really need to share, just send a private message.

  • This includes your phone number, WhatsApp contact, and email address etc.
  • And don’t post your full address! It’s OK to say which halls or flat you’re living in, but no room numbers, please, they’re too specific. 
So ‘Manor Flat’ is fine, but ‘No. 7 Manor Flat’ isn’t such a great idea!


One voice
How old?
Be yourself!
Keep it real
Be well
One voice

The primary language of this version of Campus Society is English. Users can post small amounts of text, images and videos in other languages, but for moderation reasons, not excessively and you’ll still need to follow the guidelines.

How old?

The minimum age for this network is 16+. If you’re younger than that, sorry, but your account will be deactivated. And remember, all users require verified student authentication, as per our T&C’s.

Be yourself!

Bad guys and trolls like to hide in the shadows of anonymous usernames, but neither are welcome here. That’s why we want you to add your real name, real course and real university to your bio. It’ll also help make it easier to talk to like-minded students.

And remember – usernames, profile pictures and bios:

  • cannot impersonate another user, a celebrity, be a parody account or present the user as “Official” in any capacity
  • cannot contain any offensive or sexualised words, images or logos, or break our guidelines in any other way.
  • can be in a foreign language, but they have to adhere to all other guidelines.
Keep it real

PLEASEEEEEE check your sources and try not to post ‘Fake News’. Not only is it annoying it can also lead to direct harm to people in the real world. If we decide it can cause harm, we’ll remove it – even if you didn’t know it was fake.

Be well

We aim to provide a supportive environment for users to discuss any subject, not just student stuff. So whether it’s a personal experience or you just want to raise awareness of mental health issues, incidents of sexual violence or physical assaults etc, they can all be discussed here safely and without prejudice. Here are the rules for these more sensitive topics:

  • Don’t post anything that aims to distress others, encourages suicide, self-injury or contains graphic imagery. The content will be removed, you’ll probably be banned and if necessary, your account permanently closed. That’s banned, for good.
  • Neither do we allow any content that depicts or advocates non-consensual sexual acts or exploitation.
  • Do report any content that worries you or breaks our guidelines regarding mental health.

And if you are struggling or need advice on supporting a friend or family member, here’s some useful numbers:

Mind: 020 8519 2122
Student Minds: 0113 343 8440
Papyrus – Suicide Help Line – 0800 068 41 41
National Self Harm Network – online only
Beat Eating Disorders: 0808 801 0677
Rape Crisis England & Wales: 0808 802 9999
Modern Day Slavery Helpline: 08000 121 700


Don’t be a bully
We hate ‘hate’ speech
Sex chat and nudity
More legal stuff
Don’t be a bully

No one likes a bully – especially here at Campus Society. If you feel bullied or see someone else being bullied, simply BLOCK and REPORT them. We take all reports of bullying and harassment seriously. And just to qualify, that means:

  • No threatening, nagging, insulting or overly sarcastic comments.
  • Don’t attempt to cause emotional, mental or physical harm to others – it just won’t be tolerated.
  • Posting content considered excessively violent, overly graphic or which glorifies violence is also out.
  • Don’t try to pressurise anyone into dangerous behaviour such as excessive drinking or irresponsible gambling.
  • And don’t sexually harass or consider stalking anyone either. These are all big NO-NO’s that’ll get you banned.

Again, if you or a family member or friend needs support, here’s some more useful numbers:

National Bullying Helpline: 0845 22 55 787
The Samaritans: 116 123
SupportLine: 01708 765200

We hate ‘hate’ speech

We like it when users converse and debate – that’s what the network’s for! What we’re not so keen on is users resorting to insults or verbal attacks, whether because it’s their firmly held belief or they’re just trying to win an argument. Remember the first rule and play nice!

So do:

  • Be prepared to encounter ideas and opinions different from your own.
  • Feel free to criticise celebrities and public figures – just don’t defame them!

And don’t:

  • Post content that attacks or degrades vulnerable groups on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, disability or medical condition. It’s not acceptable and will be removed and your account may be blocked as well.
  • Expect our Moderators to remove content based on differences of opinion. We won’t. Well, not unless there’s a violation of our guidelines.

And if you believe you’re a victim of any hate speech – BLOCK and REPORT!

Here’s some links if you need any further advice:

Hate Crime (Government Website)
Stop Hate UK: 0800 138 1625
Citizens Advice: 03444 111 444

Sex chat and nudity

In case anyone’s confused, we’re not a dating app. We don’t mind mild flirting – as long as it’s reciprocated – but any content that is overly sexual or worse still, pornographic in nature will be removed and your account may well be banned.

We will also remove content that contains inappropriate levels of nudity. And while we appreciate people wanting to share images and videos of children, if those images show nude or partially-nude children, we may remove them. Unfortunately, these images are frequently misappropriated by others and used in unanticipated ways.

And if anyone does get a bit ‘over friendly’ with you – BLOCK and REPORT!

More legal stuff

In addition to ‘Rule 2 – Keep It Legal’, we also take a very dim view of the following:

  • Buying or selling firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind.
  • Promoting or selling illegal or prescription drugs.
  • Offering sexual services.
  • Animal cruelty and illegal blood sports.
  • Promoting any illegal activity, terrorism, organised crime, or hate groups.
  • Unsurprisingly, we also have a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to sharing sexual content involving minors and we will always escalate and report these issues.

If you see evidence of any of these on Campus Society, please let us know.

Help numbers are below:

Victim Support: 08 08 16 89 111
National Centre for Domestic Violence: 0207 186 8270 / 0800 970 2070
NSPCC: 0808 800 5000
RSPCA: 0300 1234 999
Anti-Terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321



We know students are always in need of some extra money or looking for a good deal, so use Marketplace to sell your unwanted items or bag a bargain! We’ve partnered with Paperclip who you can use to buy, sell and swap at your university in complete confidence. Just remember that:

  • You can promote university and team social events – but not on behalf of an official business.
  • It’s never a good idea to share your bank details on a public network.
  • Unless authorised, all business advertisements will be removed.

Or if you’re a company looking to advertise your service then get in touch at:


We know there are times when some of you want to post surveys on the network – and that’s fine! Just be aware of the following:

  • The survey cannot be for the benefit of direct competitors or businesses.
  • Nominal incentives can be offered e.g. a voucher or book token etc, but no cash incentives please.
  • Campus Society is not responsible in any way for ensuring these incentives are given/received.
  • Campus Society has the right to remove any survey if we feel it contravenes any guidelines.

No one likes spam. Not even if it comes in a tin. As such, all spam will be removed. This includes posting the same or similar content multiple times and accounts may be blocked.


Being a law-abiding company, we will at times take actions or make decisions that users may find confusing. Frequently, this is when a user has unknowingly broken the law. To help explain some of these instances, here’s our take on three common areas users tend to fall foul of.

Contempt of court
Copyright and plagiarism
Contempt of court

Q. Why are my comments about an ongoing court case being deleted?

A. Because once a person’s been charged, you cannot make any of the following type of comments until the trial is over and the jury has given their verdict. This includes:

  • References to a person’s previous convictions.
  • Statements about a person’s character.
  • Alleging to have evidence linking a person directly to the crime of which they have been accused.
  • Other suggestions that the person is guilty.

If you do, we’ll remove the comments and may well ban you too.

Copyright and plagiarism

In brief it’s this…

  • Make sure you own the IP rights of any text, image or video you post or if not, that you have the appropriate permission of the owner who does. If you don’t have either, then don’t be surprised if it gets deleted.
  • Memes are generally exempt from IP restrictions and are OK to post – but they may be removed for other reasons i.e. being offensive, racist, sexist etc
  • Plagiarism is also not allowed.
  • Neither is offering to write papers for people or asking others to write your essay.
  • Whenever possible, please cite your sources.

If you believe your content or the content of a third party has been infringed, please REPORT it.


All comments deemed to be defamatory or libellous will be removed and the user banned. In short, don’t bad-mouth anyone. It’s rarely funny and never clever.


Disagreeing with a moderation decision
General Note

We have a duty of care towards our community, so if any content violates our Community Guidelines it will be removed by our Moderation Team and users may receive a temporary or permanent ban. This is not a decision we take lightly as access to the network is dependent on your verified student authentication. When a ban does occur, the user is informed of our decision and why it was made.

We also reserve the right to remove any post made as part of a news item, work of art or piece of academia etc. if we feel that it is in the best interest of our users to do so. Remember, it’s our house, our rules.

Or if you see something you believe breaches our standards, please REPORT it. Our Moderation Team will review it and take action as needed.


It’s possible you may disagree with a moderation decision. That’s fine, we’re only human and sometimes we’ll get it wrong. Or you may wish to provide feedback on our guidelines and overall approach. Either way, you can contact us at:

Disagreeing with a moderation decision
  • Appeals can only be made by the person who is the subject of the moderation decision, not from a 3rd party.
  • If you wish to make a valid appeal please include the following details :
    • Date and time the post was made.
    • Your name.
    • The email address you registered with.
    • Description, link, screenshot or copy of the content.
    • An explanation, of no more than 500 words, as to why you believe the decision was incorrect
 e.g. clearly state why it doesn’t contravene the guideline we have stated it has broken.

We aim to respond to all appeals within 72 hours. If we find that an incorrect decision was made, we will restore the content or lift the ban. If we uphold the original decision, however, the content will remain deleted and any bans will be upheld.

Please be aware that users can appeal an individual decision only once.


To report an inappropriate user, post or comment you can – as per our T&C’s – either click on the 3 dots next to the item and click ‘report’ or email us on

General Note

If you’re ever approached by someone claiming to be a Campus Society employee, a genuine employee’s status icon will show a Campus Society logo.


These rules aren’t for everyone – and that’s OK! If they’re not for you, no worries, we’ll see you around. If you’re fine with them, great come on in!

NB: To continue to provide you with the best possible service, we may need to change both our T&Cs and Guidelines from time to time.


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