Community Pledge

Welcome! Campus Society is a community for students to engage and create meaningful connections. Here you can ask and answer questions, exchange advice and share your experience with like-minded people.

To enable us to support you and ensure everyone has a safe and positive experience, please read the guidelines below.


Be kind and welcoming

  • This is a judgment free zone. Discrimination of any kind isn’t welcome here. This includes any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
  • Know that we are all here to learn, so please respect all questions and comments asked and don’t insult anyone’s intelligence. They may be one of today’s lucky 10,000.
  • Use the search bar to look for posts that answer your question. Someone may have asked it before you!
  • Assume the best about the meaning behind another member’s comment, post, or chat since context and meaning often get lost through text.
  • Set the bar high for the behavior you want to see and lead by example when you notice someone new in the community.
  • Respond when someone asks a question or let them know where they can get a better answer.
  • Refrain from dominating conversations and allow others to have a chance to voice their opinions.
  • Please refrain from limiting access and/or participation to a community or conversation. This is known as gatekeeping.

Respecting privacy - Staying safe on Campus Society!

  • Please don’t share personal details such as your phone number, WhatsApp contact, email address, home address, etc, this is for your own safety.
  • Take care with content which could unintentionally identify personal details about your family, friends, coursemates, lecturers and colleagues.
  • Unless you’re talking in a private channel, everything on Campus Society is publicly visible, so remember anyone could be reading.
  • Anything you post publicly on the platform can be searchable by university officials, employers, the person standing behind you, etc.
  • As such please respect that messages sent in private channels are said in confidence.
  • Be aware that private conversations can be shared on into public areas anyway.
  • Even in public channels, presume that people might not want their comments to be shared outside the channel, so if you are considering sharing anything, ask those involved for permission first.
  • If private messages have been reported or do not comply with our Terms of Service we reserve the right to view and action.

Respecting others & the community

  • Cursing is generally allowed, but nothing too extreme and never directed at another member or with the intent of being deliberately hurtful.
  • Any post, comment, or chat can cause physical, emotional, or mental harm to another member is not tolerated on this platform.
  • Sexual harassment of any kind is not tolerated on Campus Society and that includes, but is not limited to unwanted sexual advances in private and/or public channels.
  • Hacking, automation, any programming that breaks functionality or links containing malware are not permitted on the site.

Style & manners

  • Say ‘thank you’ when someone has gone out of their way to lend a hand - these two words go a long way!
  • Think someone has done something awesome? Generously give ‘Likes’, or a leave a comment to show some love.
  • If someone makes you upset or angry, please report them. Don't reply when you're angry as you'll only make the situation worse. Let us deal with the issue. If need be, walk away and return to the conversation only when you're in a more composed state.
  • Please avoid using overtly sexual nicknames or other nicknames that might detract from a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all.
  • Please avoid flaming other members by posting hostile and insulting comments.
  • Obscene, violent or pornographic content will not be tolerated and will be removed. Even if such content is posted as a news item, work of art or piece of academia etc, Campus Society reserves the right to remove it if they feel that it is the best interest of its members to do so.
  • Posts that are libellous, threatening or abusive will be removed and you could face a ban.
  • If you are joking about anything potentially offensive, make it very clear that it is a joke (however the Community Managers may still deem it to be in poor taste and it could be removed).

Be yourself

  • Impersonating a member of the Campus Society team is not permitted and will result in an immediate ban.
  • Impersonating another member or catfishing will result in the account being removed.
  • Sockpuppeting and using fake accounts are not permitted on the site whether it is used for entertainment or manipulating content on the platform.
  • Whenever possible and to avoid confusion please use your real name, real course and real university.

Advertising, soliciting, spam

  • Posting the same message across the community is considered spam and will be removed.
  • Please refrain from unnecessary posting with intent to just raise your post count, GPA, or game the platform. Try to make your posts about quality, not quantity.
  • Content which contains advertising or sales messages will be removed.
  • All spam will be removed.
  • If you are a company looking to advertise your service please contact
  • Criminal solicitation is not allowed.

Give credit & cite your sources

  • Copyright infringement is something we take seriously. If you feel that your content has been stolen please contact the moderation team at
  • If you post content (images, excessive passages of a paper etc), this too infringes their copyright and will be removed.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed at uni and it isn’t allowed here. This includes posting offers to write papers, having another member write your essay, using content from the website without citing sources, etc.



  • Ban evasion or creating another account to get around a channel or platform ban is not tolerated on the platform and any subsequent accounts will be removed without warning.
  • Sometimes you may receive a notification as a warning. This is just to give you a heads up that some of your content may be violating the guidelines.
  • When a moderator needs to contact you about a specific situation they will do so through the Campus Society Moderation account.
  • The Moderation Team will always try to give a reason for any actions taken on an account, however, there are occasions when this isn't always possible e.g. the same member repeats the same error/offence. If however, you are unsure as to why an action has been taken, do please write to and we'll endeavour to respond with an explanation asap.
  • Channel creators and channel admins can expand on these guidelines within their channel to suit their needs.
  • This community is post-moderated, which means all commentary and discussion appears on the website as soon it’s posted.
  • If you spot a trouble-stirrer, please report the post by selecting the three dots (...) and then report the post. Or, send a private message to our moderation team or email
  • Alternatively, if you disagree with a moderator's action against your own post, send them a private message to discuss - please don't discuss in public - or email the team at
  • Anyone behaving inappropriately, being rude to other members or abusing the Campus Society features, will receive a warning and may be banned.
  • When banned, a plan for your return to the community will be agreed. After returning to the community, any further infringement may result in a permanent ban. If you are banned and want to contact the moderation team please email
  • Serious offenses may incur an immediate and permanent ban.

Our community

  • Campus Society Ambassadors, and bloggers are not employees of Campus Society and their actions do not speak for the brand.
  • Any employee of Campus Society or official person is marked as verified and has a blue tick mark on their profile.
  • Our Campus Society Ambassadors have a green tick mark on their profile.
  • Channels monitored by Campus Society are marked as “Official” with a blue tick mark.

Updating our guidelines

  • To ensure the well-being of the community is maintained, these guidelines will change from time to time. We recommend you check back to make sure you’re up-to-date.

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