Campus Commandments

Campus Society was created with a mission to bring students together and talk. To foster the discussion, collaboration and general sharing of information, we need this to be a safe place for all. So, with that in mind, here are some Do’s because haven’t we heard enough Do Nots in life?

  1. Do respect your fellow users.
    • There are many forms of respect but mainly it is best said as treat others how you want to be treated.
    • Discrimination of any kind isn’t welcome here. That includes any form like racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or if you wear footie pajamas to bed at night. This is a judgment free zone.
    • There is a such thing as TMI on the internet. Sharing explicit or pornographic content isn’t welcome in public channels on Campus Society.
  2. Do give your opinion.
    • Yes we know that you want to have it out with your mates and some discussion can get quite heated. We want to give you the freedom to have those talks however that freedom ends at call to violence and hate speech.
    • Hate speech is when a post, comment, or chat can cause physical, emotional, mental harm to another user on the platform.
  3. Do be mindful of the impact your words can have on others.
    • Harassment can make people feel disturbed, unsafe, or threatened which is not how we want anyone on Campus Society to feel.
    • Sexual harassment is also not tolerated on Campus Society and that includes unwanted sexual advances in private and public channels.
  4. Do spread the word but...
    • We understand that as a student you want to promote and grow your channels or may even want to participate in affiliate programs. The vast majority of your content should be non-promotional material.
    • If you are not a student however would like to have an opportunity to promote your business on the platform please contact
  5. Do look but don’t touch.
    • Hacking, automation, or any kind of programming that breaks functionalities of the platform are not permitted on the site.
    • Links containing malware give everyone a bad experience and are also not permitted on the site.
  6. Do give credit where credit is due.
    • Copyright infringement is something we take seriously and if you feel that your content has been stolen please contact the moderation team at
    • Plagiarism is not allowed at Uni and it isn’t allowed here. This includes posting offers to write papers, having another user write your essay, using content from the website without citing sources, etc.
  7. Do be yourself. You are the best version of you.
    • Impersonating another user or catfishing will result in the account being removed.
    • Fake accounts are not permitted on the site whether it is used for entertainment or manipulating content on the platform.
    • To avoid confusion for your fellow users, use your real name, real course and real University.
  8. Do respect people’s privacy.
    • Please respect the fact that messages sent in private channels are said in confidence.
    • We will only read messages in private chats if it has been reported to us.
    • Still, understand that anything said in Private Chats can be made public just by the nature of the internet.
  9. Do protect your personal information.
    • Sharing your phone number, location, address or any other personally identifiable information is not permitted in the public channels.
    • This includes platforms such as Whatsapp and Snapchat that do give away personal information such as phone numbers and your current location.
    • Be careful with who you give the information to!
  10. Do remember that we follow the laws of the United Kingdom.
    • Any content that infringes on these laws is not permitted on the platform.

Campus Society is a growing platform and we recognize that every channel will develop its own unique community. We want to clarify the following so that you are aware of this when using the platform.

  1. Channel owners and admins can expand on Campus Commandments within their channels as they see fit.
    • Every channel is a unique and dynamic community so admins may feel the need to expand on these guidelines to foster a healthy community.
  2. Campus Ambassadors, Tyro editors, Bloggers are not employees of Campus Society and their actions do not speak for the brand.
    • Any employee of Campus Society or official person is marked as verified and has a blue check mark on their profile.
    • On iOS Campus Ambassadors have a green check mark on their profile.
  3. Campus Society employees can review potential violations of guidelines on a case by case basis and reserve judgement depending on situation.
  4. Campus Society reserves the right to update and change the guidelines at any time.
  5. You can contact the moderators at any time by sending a message to Campus Modsquad or emailing