Campus Society Community Guidelines

A place to encourage discussion and free thinking with fellow university students

The community guidelines apply to all aspects of Campus Society including channels, posts, comments and private messages.

Section 1


  1. Be friendly.
  2. Don’t share personal info – yours or others.
  3. Don’t patronise, belittle or personally attack others.
  4. Don’t discriminate based on race, gender, orientation or religion.
  5. Don’t swear at others.

Section 2


  1. Don’t post or add links to illegal or sexually explicit images or adult content.
  2. Warn others if posting spoilers.
  3. Don’t discuss illegal activity.
  4. No spam please.
  5. Only promote your channel or posts in relevant channels.
  6. Don’t post potentially defamatory comments.
  7. No baiting of others.
  8. Only one account per person.

For a more detailed breakdown of our community guidelines, please click here.

Section 3

Dealing with Inappropriate Content

Our channels are frequently moderated, however we ask that Campus Society members notify us of any inappropriate posts or comments by clicking the ellipsis (…) icon and selecting ‘report post’. Please only alert us to posts which break the community guidelines and not just posts that you disagree with. Please make sure you provide us with as much relevant information as you can should the need arise to report something.

Small Print

Guidelines last updated April 2017. Campus Society reserves the right to review potential guideline contraventions on a case-by-case basis. Failure to follow to these guidelines is a violation of intergalactic law and may see action taken against your account.

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