1 week, 1 day ago

Exposed, hidden

Captivated, open

Trying to find a shoulder

Apparent coldness, egoism scattered across borders

Being something, doing another

Unlatching lines running throughout the mind

Thinking and acting differently most of the time

Making expressions that can hardly be grasped

Still noticing what’s found within one self

For no matter how much, one runs

A complement will follow

Like humming birds flying after each other

Passing by all corners

Silently listening, reflecting, noting their thoughts

Telepathy messages playing its game

The inner remains till it blossoms like a flower for its right

The right to be unleashed, uncluttered

Taking its righteous choices, risking it all together

Mirroring oneself relieved inside out feels like no other

Sending its waves to the other

Genuinely humming birds holding themselves together

Letting their shoulders aimlessly flowing with one another to their virtuous destinations