5 months, 1 week ago

Surviving the start of uni at UCA EPSOM.

Moving from up north to Epsom was a really big deal for me. 6 hours seemed like a million miles, and the thought of ever being happy at uni seemed highly unlikely.

However, I seemed to have survived my first year with minimal crying so you can too.

I did not find the first week the easiest by any means. Leaving home, my boyfriend, my friends and my parents was one of the most rubbish things ever, but it does get easier. I remember the first night that I slept in my little room in halls, I sat the whole night questioning whether or not I'd actually made the right decision and whether it was worth feeling this sad all the time. I definitely couldn't imagine ever feeling settled and happy being this far away from everyone I loved. However, everyone around me was in the same boat, and some were feeling worse than I was. I found myself telling those people a week later that it does get easier. And it totally does.

I lived with people who had come as far as Portugal, Spain and Hong Kong. So what was I moaning about? At least I could go home for the weekend.

It's still not great to be away from everyone, but after a few days you get to know the people on your course, and in your house, you go to Fever a few times with everyone, and then you realise it's not actually that bad. Making an effort to see people outside of uni is one the most important things for helping you settle in. Epsom has some lovely restaurants that aren’t too expensive- Pizza Express, Caballo Lounge, Bill’s, etc. so getting dressed up one night and getting some people together for a meal now and again will make the first few weeks a little more bearable.

My biggest pieces of advice are not to put pressure on yourself to feel great about uni straight away - it does take time to settle in, especially if it's your first time away from home - and to FaceTime your parents, boyfriend, or dog every day. If you don’t live too far away from uni, this is easier said than done, but try not to go home too often to begin with. It would be so easy to just spend every weekend at home and feel like you’re not really living away, however, this makes it so much more difficult. In the beginning, everyone will make a good effort to invite you to things, but as the time goes on and people find friendship groups, you may be left behind if you're constantly going home. In my experience, the people that went home all the time are the ones that dropped out a few months into the course.

Immerse yourself in uni life, enjoy freshers week, get to know your lecturers as well as possible and don’t ignore the constant emails from Sarah Blake (some of them actually contain vital info).

Good luck.

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