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The Girl

Shadows clothed her. Her dress was made from the fabrics of darkness. Skin like the moon with beauty of a star. A dark gloomy presents surrounded her, like the sadness in her heart and the emptiness of her soul. She had no facial features and no lower arms or arms. She feet were bare and dirty, like she had been wandering the house recently.

"Help me" Came her voice.

I was a little unsure about how she was speaking or if it was even her speaking. But the words "Help me" had been appearing a lot around the house.

Was this lonely girl asking for help? Asking me to set her free from this house?

She suddenly disappears into a room and a piano begins to play.

Only then did I realise, that she wanted me to free her from the person keeping her here. The person who made her faceless and cut off her arms.

But I was too late, because I was next. The next victim to be trapped in this house. Another spirit. For there standing in the corner of the room, stood the person who trapped her here and who had now trapped me here.