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The Great British Bake Off: Week Seven


This week was another first in GBBO history: Italian Week! And, well, Mamma Mia was it exciting!

Here's what this week, Week Seven in the competition, had to offer:

The challenges

The Signature Challenge was the Italian classic: cannolis. There were 'narcissistic' cannolis, 'gloaty I-have-family-in-Italy' cannolis and 'I'm-going-to-completely-adapt-a-classic-recipe-sue-me' cannolis...to name a few.

The Ice King Paul Hollywood actually showed emotion in this first challenge, even if this emotion was anger/disappointment regarding several of the baker's choices.

As usual, the results were mixed and there was even jokes between the judges (who knew middle aged people made jokes?)

The Technical Challenge was set by Prue and it was pizza. 'Bread with a bit of cheese on top', as Yan called it, was actually quite difficult- with no rolling pins and very basic instructions.

There was a minor injury (though Noel probably hurt himself leaning, I'd guess) and lots of tossing...

Get your mind out the gutter, guys

The Showstopper Challenge was "pure murder" (according to Prue) sfogliatelle (I had to wait until it came up on screen because I had no clue how to spell it). The layered, filled pastries were nothing short of difficult.

The bakers couldn't tell if they were successful in creating the lamination until they cut the sfogliatelle...so it was nail biting stuff.

"I'm not laminated and I'm having a great time" was the golden quote of the episode, for me at least.

The sfogliatelle turned out, in some cases, to be 'crap-on-the-telly' (Nobody quoted this, but this was the result of my sister and I mishearing what one of the bakers said) and the bakers (and me watching) could've done with an espresso martini [or two].

It was hot, very hot

This week's Bake Off action took place on a very hot day indeed, with bakes melting, Paul Hollywood sticking his head in the freezer and just general chaos (can anyone pinpoint what day this 'hot day' was, because I definitely can't?).

Not only did the heat make it difficult for the bakers to bake, but it also ruined the actual bakes themselves.

This week, the bakers literally were against the elements.

There's not many people left

You don't really notice when people leave in the early stages of GBBO but, as it gets closer to the end (hold back on the sobbing), you notice.

It feels weird seeing the decreasing line up walk into the tent and, eventually, walk out of it either safe or not.

(Needless to say I'm disappointed with the result, though I'm not going to spoil for anyone who hasn't watched!)

As usual, I can't wait for what next week has to offer.

(Enjoy the overused Italian hand pic, which I apologise wholeheartedly for)