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Hello! A little bit about me:

I'll be going into my third year at the University of Birmingham this September, to continue reading English and History. I've been a part of Campus Society and the Tyro team since July, and have quickly become a very active member.

What I'd bring to the role

I've always loved being responsible for people. During my first and second years of Uni, I was an RA, representing my student accommodation at fortnightly meetings, and organising events for them to take part in. This required emailing companies to book venues and set up payments on behalf of The Guild of Students. Alongside my studies, sport and student media (Redbrick News and Guild TV), this was a responsibility that I managed well.

In my final year at school, I was elected Head Boy. I had to represent the school at various events throughout the year, give prospective students tours, and bring a great level of enthusiasm to the role, as well as represent student concerns. One of the ways in which I achieved this position was by campaigning to make changes to our private study periods. I was the eighteen-year-old that got things done.

More recently, over the past two years, I have successfully aided in a friend's campaign to be elected (and re-elected) president of my Uni's Student Union. This all shows my high levels of commitment in helping people achieve their goals. I believe that I can bring all of these qualities to the role.


Other than that, I love playing video games, practising martial arts, going to the gym, writing and reading. Plus all of the usual student activities, like "spending time with friends" and "going to the pub".

I look forward to hearing back from you!