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Current Issues in Drama, Theatre and Performance: Arnold Aronson on 'Space'

Blog Entry | Week Three

In this weeks entry, I discuss an extra taken from Arnold Aronson's 'Looking into the Abyss' in which he discusses 'space'. See what you think!

After reading Arnold Aronson’s ‘Looking into the Abyss’ extracts for this weeks session, I have picked out a few quotations that I found particularly interesting.

The first one is taken from the ‘Introduction’ section that we were given and is within the second paragraph. The quotation is as follows;

“We are spatial creatures; we respond instinctively to space. Our arrival into the world, the moment of birth, is a spatial experience as we emerge from a safe, enclosed environment into the vastness of an unknown expanse. Every time we confront a stage we are, in a sense, confronting the space – the abyss – we first confronted at birth. The stage, regardless of its configuration, functions as an optical focal point and creates the impression that we are looking through this lens into a boundless space beyond.” (Aronson, 2005)

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