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Feasting Frugally: Chorizo Salsa

Chorizo Salsa is guaranteed to be the single most warming meal you have ever had; hearty, full of flavour and gorgeous in colour. Better still, it's pretty cheap-per-portion and takes about as long to make as it takes to cook your spaghetti! This is the recipe for three people, but you can easily scale it up or down to suit however many you have - I once bulk-cooked it for 15!

You will need:

• 100g per person of chorizo - buy by weight from the deli counter and ask for it to be diced (it's way cheaper than packet stuff, and chunks will be more flavoursome than slices).

• 100g per person of spaghetti.

• 3 - 4 spring onions.

• 3 cloves of garlic.

• 3 - 4 handfuls of cherry tomatoes - I go for about a 50/50 mix of red to every other colour (yellow and orange).

• 1 pepper - red, orange or yellow, your choice!

• Fennel seeds - lots of them!

• Fresh basil - optional.

• Salt.

Step 1

Prep all your ingredients. It's a quick recipe, so the best thing to do is have everything ready to go before you turn on the heat! Roughly chop all the tomatoes and the pepper, and slice the spring onions and the garlic fairly fine. If your chorizo wasn't in chunks when you bought it, chop it into roughly 1.5cm cubes.

Step 2

Bring a saucepan of salted water to a rolling boil and throw in your spaghetti. At the same time, put a large pan on high heat with some olive oil in. As soon as the oil stops bubbling, throw in all your prepped ingredients apart from the peppers and chorizo.

Step 3

Allow all the ingredients in the pan to soften and release all their liquid; it may seem like quite a bit (tomatoes are basically just water!), but don't panic! Once the spring onions are soft, add in the chorizo and peppers, along with a really good dose of fennel seeds - like, a really good dose; you want the little aniseed-y crunch to cut through all the other flavours.

Step 4

Keep cooking on a high heat, stirring gently, and watch the magic happen. All the fat will render out of the chorizo and combine with the liquid from the tomatoes to make a rich, beautiful sauce.

Step 5

As soon as your pasta is cooked, then everything else will be too. Take it all off the heat, plate up generous portions with a bit of torn basil on top and serve them to your eagerly awaiting friends!

What's your favourite winter recipe? What meal would you like to see next? Post below!

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