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How to host the ultimate Halloween party

Halloween means one thing to a student, and one thing only: about four days of drinking in ridiculous fancy dress. The bad news is that this can make a dent in your bank account, especially as clubs ramp up the prices for Halloween. Get around this by hosting your own Halloween party - here's how to throw the best one your city has to offer.

Come up with a theme

You might think that 'Halloween' is a theme enough, but there'll always be one or two people who show up with no effort made whatsoever. Help people along with ideas by creating a theme for your event and the fancy dress is likely to be way better. You don't have to come up with something elaborate: something as simple as 'jobs' can inspire costumes as varied as zombie policewomen to demon doctors. If you do get a few stragglers who still haven't made an effort, buy a few cheap accessories for people to use - think handcuffs, stethoscopes, hats - and that way everyone can look the part.

Get some cheap decor

Primark and Wilkos are great for this sort of thing. Buy some pumpkins from Morrisons too and carve them up nicely. Even if you don't carve them, they'll still add something to the decor. Drape some fairy lights up - ideally some red ones for an extra spooky factor. You can find bunting, fake skeletons, ghoulish confetti - stuff like that, all for under £5 if you're looking in the right place. Try Home Bargains too.

Charity shops even sometimes stock what you're looking for. And also, just to hark back to the days when Halloween was about sweets and less about drink - buy a box of Celebrations or some Halloween sweets pack for everyone to dip into.

In terms of drink

For you wine-lovers out there, go red for spooky, bloody vibes. Take it one step further and make Bloody Marys if you're willing to play cocktail maker for the night. If you want to keep it simple, stuff like vodka and coke/vodka and orange would work too - keep in mind that colours evoking Halloween are usually oranges, greens, blacks, and reds - if you're on a budget, any drinks those colours will create a freaky atmosphere.

As for drinking games...

You can either make your standard games Halloween-y, or go for new games altogether. Make Ring of Fire that one bit more disgusting by pouring the dirty pint into a hollowed out pumpkin. Or, you could try apple bobbing - but bob the apples in some alcoholic beverage.

Hark back to your innocent childhood again by playing 'trick or treat' with shots - a sort of shot roulette. Muddle up shot glasses with different spirits, wines, beers, and soft drinks, before arranging them into a circle and having each participant 'eeny-meeny-miny-moe' their way around the circle. Repeat until drunk.

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