4 organising hacks for students.

When you're living in your own space and mum isn't around to tidy up after you, it is easy for your room to become an unorganised mess. Luckily for you, we've got the best organising hacks to make life at uni that little bit easier.

Use shoe boxes as drawer dividers

If you're anything like me, your drawers are a tip. Full of miscellaneous items you should probably throw out but are too attached to. Instead of being a hoarder, fit shoe boxes into your drawer so everything has a place and nothing silly is put in.

Plastic containers for the fridge

We are all guilty of letting the odd vegetable turn to mould. By organising each type of item into a box, you will know what you have and where to find it. This is also useful for meal planning, as making from scratch is easy when you know what there is!

Outfit tags

Putting tags on each outfit labelled with the weekdays, and hanging them up on Sunday is a great way to stop wasting time outfit stressing. And if you're hungover and it's five minutes before your lecture, you can roll out of bed and get dressed into something matching...

File folders

It may sound strange, but file folders can be used for more than files! Putting your vegetables, dry products, cleaning supplies, or all sorts into their designated folder in your cupboards will save you rooting through blindly. Never again will you keep your fingers crossed hoping there's a spare potato.

Do you have any organising tips that have helped you at university or at home? Let us know in the comments!

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