What it's like working the medical tent at Download.

When I found out my boyfriend was leaving for the weekend to work at Download, I was very, very envious. Working at one of the biggest festivals in the country? What a dream. However, it turns out this makes him a great contact for an interview. Every cloud has a silver lining. So I asked him all about his experience being a medical assistant.

What was the best part of being a medical assistant?

Having the flexibility to be able to leave when I liked to see acts at the festival was great, as there were so many artists I wanted to see, but I was a bit worried at first I'd be stuck at the stall the whole time. Talking to the customers was fun as well, as everyone was in the mood for a chat as they were buzzing about being at Download... It was just like talking to old mates.

What was the worst part about being a medical assistant?

The worst part was having to skip the finale of the headlining band to go back to the unit to sell medical items before the crowds disappeared. It was Biffy Clyro as well, one of my favourites. I suppose we had to make a profit though, and I wasn't just there to have a good time – I was there to work.

What was the craziest request you got?

Someone asked me, “Do you have anything that will make me feel spaced out but also buzzed, ya know?” I had a rough idea of what he meant, but of course, we did not sell that at the medical tent. Someone else asked for Ket... I suppose at least they were a bit more specific about the kind of drug they wanted!

Would you recommend being a medical assistant to other students?

Definitely, as it's a great way to see your favourite acts for free, but at the same time building your CV, as employers do like that volunteer work.

Thanks, Jack! He got this job through a family friend, however, if you look online, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with festivals. If you're a journalism student, it's also worth asking your local paper to do a review for them, as a way to get in for free as well as getting good work experience.

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