The 3 best cocktail bars in Nottingham.

As far as alcoholic beverages go, Cocktails are the most fun. They come in loads of different flavours, and you can get them almost anywhere (even a pitcher in Spoons!). Here we've rounded up the best places us students can find them in Nottingham.

Coco Tang

On Wednesdays in Nottingham, Trent students have the choice of either going to Ocean or Coco Tang's student night. The latter is a tamer, arguably more scenic option. With an oriental theme, fairy lights draped all over, and cocktails to die for, it makes for a relaxing night. If you have a sweet tooth, we recommend the Toblerone cocktail. And if you're feeling adventurous? The Zombie cocktail is a must – it contains the lethal absinthe!

The Boilermaker

This is such a hidden gem. No seriously, it is hidden – on the outside, it looks like a standard electrical repair shop! But step inside, put yourself on the list, and wait to be invited into the mystery. Once you navigate the secret passageway, you will find a fancy cocktail bar. The menu is full of creative, punny cocktail names – we recommend the Pea cocktail, for an oddly refreshing yet tasty drink.

The Hockley Arts Club

If you're looking to splash a little more cash, this is the perfect place to do it. With art decor oozing luxury and an even more luxurious menu, this is a great place for a treat. Cocktails here also have exciting names such as 'Nothing Rhymes With Orange' and 'Netflix & Chill' – we recommend the latter, a prosecco drink with white chocolate, cherry and plum caviar.

Where's your favourite place to have a cocktail? What's your favourite cocktail? Let us know in the comments!

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