Cardiff breakfast places for when you’re hungover.

You know the score – you’re hungover as hell, and you've woken up with a croaky voice instead of a solid 8. Before you can even fathom the idea of entering your kitchen – which you know will be alcohol-drenched, messy and covered in rubbish thanks to the pre-drinks the night before – you need to get some food down you.

However, the last thing you want to do is trek around Cardiff looking for a half decent place to eat. I’ve put together a list of the top places to go in Cardiff when you’re hungover and just want something greasy, fatty and carby to soak up all that alcohol.

Café 37

If you’ve never heard of Café 37 do you even live in Cathays? It’s basically the best place to go for a hungover breakfast in Cardiff and always will be. Huge portions, very cheap prices and speedy service make it a firm student favourite, and you’ll always find it packed Thursday morning after Wednesday nights at the SU. There is a large range of breakfasts to choose from - my favourite is the American pancakes with maple syrup which you can get with scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon and hash browns if you’re feeling greedy (I was). The quality is also pretty decent – the pancakes are fluffy, thick and taste more expensive than what they cost.

Stag Coffee

Stag is an all-around winner as it’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, early dinners and everything in between. Serving an array of filling breakfasts, delicious sandwiches, burgers and cakes, it’s great if you’re hungover and craving somewhere calm and cosy to sit. Get the Stag breakfast which is absolutely huge and consists of bacon, pork sausage, fried eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, black pudding, baked beans and buttered toast. If you’re feeling virtuous, the lemon, ginger and Manuka honey homemade iced tea will inject some much-needed healthiness into your Jägerbomb-filled system.

The Smoke Haus

Ok so it’s technically not breakfast as it opens at 12, but, considering you’re hungover, the later the better, right? An American-style diner on Mary Ann Street in the centre of Cardiff, The Smoke Haus is known for its meat and serves everything from ribs and wings to burgers. The portions are big, the quality is good, and it’s perfect for when you just want to stuff your face with everything in sight. Get The Hog Father if you fancy a meaty burger with swiss cheese, pulled pork, smoked streaky bacon and BBQ sauce. If you’re feeling particularly hungry and don’t mind splashing the cash, get The Mixed Grill which Smoke Haus describe as “Brisket, Smoke Haus pulled pork, pastrami served with a ‘Haus chilli dog’, full rack of pork sheet ribs, a large portion of our own skin on fries and slaw.” Eat up.

Milk & Sugar

Right in the centre of town, Milk & Sugar is perfect if some of you fancy fry-ups and others want something different. With an extensive breakfast menu including a full Welsh breakfast, an oak smoked bacon sub and a cheese omelette, the food is regarded highly amongst locals and students alike. The café has even won several awards including the Good Food Award in 2017 and has been a finalist in both the Cardiff Lifestyle Awards 2016 and The Food Awards Wales 2017. If you don’t feel like a fry-up, you can choose from an array of options including crushed avocado, fresh chillies, eggs done your way, or porridge with sultanas or honey.

The Bagel and Burger Kitchen

The food is as good as the name suggests. Serving tasty freshly-cooked burgers with good service and prices, The Bagel and Burger Kitchen is great if you’re hungover and is handily located on Salisbury Road in Cathays. Try the Krispy Kreme burger if you’re feeling daring – a beef or bean burger with cheese and homemade relish, sandwiched between a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. The fries are great, and there are also some good vegetarian and vegan options as well.

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Cafe 37 is a dream -