Where girls can find work clothes that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’ve got an interview or not, it’s always handy to have some smart clothes hanging up in your wardrobe for the occasion.

Unfortunately, many work clothes happen to be pretty damn expensive which isn’t exactly ideal when you’re on a student budget.

Some high street places sell a variety of reasonably-priced smart clothes which don’t look cheap either, and, generally, last well. Be sure to also raid the charity shop for quality pieces such as Reiss and Hobbs which are still in good condition but obviously cost a lot less than they would normally.


You can’t go wrong with Next – they’re one of the best places to find smart clothes which are perfect for interviews or jobs. Although they may be slightly more expensive than cheaper high street alternatives, the smart clothes at Next are good quality, functional and look professional. Also, Next currently have their summer sale on where you can pick up some great discounts and save yourself money.


H&M isn't just good for festival wear and basics. When I had to wear a suit at sixth form, I would always get my smart clothes from H&M. You can pick up pencil skirts for less than £20, blouses for less than a tenner and the blazers won’t break the bank either. Forget dreary and drab workwear – the clothes are stylish and contemporary and often jazzed up with prints and florals.

Pretty Little Thing

You wouldn’t think that you could get smart work pieces from Pretty Little Thing – known mainly for their glamorous going-out clothes – but they also sell some pretty stylish smart pieces which wouldn’t look out of place in the office. Although I think that some of the clothes featured on their 'Workwear' section wouldn’t be suitable for work, they do have some cute pieces such as cigarette pants and pencil skirts which would easily take you from office to after work drinks. Pretty Little Thing also offers a student discount and often run deals such as 20% off everything (including the sale), so you can get some very cheap workwear.

Banana Republic

Although their clothes are a little on the pricey side, the clothes are of a very good quality and look expensive. Banana Republic also put some great sales on where you can pick up real bargains – in the past, I’ve found a skirt down from about £60 to £15, and there was nothing wrong with it either. The summer sale always seems to be their best so have a look when you get the chance.


Don’t knock clothes from supermarkets until you’ve tried them – and Sainsbury’s, in particular, sells some fantastic pieces for work. Not just for bread and fruit, Sainsbury’s workwear range is cheap and cheerful with some unusual and unique prints in this season to make a perfect addition to your working wardrobe.


Matalan sells a huge range of work clothes which are crazily cheap and surprisingly nice. With their extensive range of blouses, trousers, dresses and skirts, you’ll bound to find something you like, and you’ll easily walk out of the store with a whole outfit for less than £30 (and that’s full-priced too).

TK Maxx

It would be a crime not to mention TK Maxx on an article about the best places to pick up cheap workwear. With some items almost ridiculously discounted (Just Cavalli glasses down to £25 anyone?), you can get designer dresses and skirts at up to 60% off. The real gems are hidden away in TK Maxx stores so make sure you head down to your nearest one and have a rummage.

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