Welcome Week and Freshers’

Welcome Week and Freshers'
#COMINGTOHARTPURY Arriving at Hartpury – Welcome Week and Freshers’ Living in Hartpury accommodation – Residential Welcome Day, Sunday 10th September, 2017This event is key to support residential students moving into onsite accommodation. You will have the opportunity to meet your new housemates and staff/student block wardens.After you have settled into your new digs Uni life begins with a Welcome party and live band in Legends student bar.11:00 to 12:00 Vet Nursing and ALS Honours Degrees12:00 to 13:00 Equine Foundation Degrees12:00 to 13:00 Equine Honours Degrees14:00 to 15:00 Sport Foundation Degrees15:00 to 16:00 Sport Honours DegreesIf you are using onsite Livery, please ensure you arrive earlier to settle your horse into its new stable before your allocated registration time above.Non-residential students will start Monday 11 September 2017.Welcome week This starts Monday 11 September. Depending upon your subject area, your first meeting is:There will be signs around campus to help you find these places.  In these meetings you will receive your induction timetable for the week – bring a pen!What will happen during Welcome Week?During the course of the first two days you will:As part of the academic induction programme, you will receive an introduction to the library, IT facilities and the computer network. There are also some fun activities to help you get to know each other - staff and students! You will also complete module selection for the year, allowing your timetable for the academic year to be created.Don't forget your pen! There will be forms to complete and plenty of signatures required.The Students' Union take care of the evening activities. They’ll ensure that you get to know each other and have fun!Lectures for all students will start on MONDAY 18 September 2017 Late arrivalWe aim to offer the best possible service to our students. We only permit late arrival in exceptional circumstances and with the permission of your academic department. If you have reason to think that your arrival might be delayed, please contact the Admissions Office well in advance so that special arrangements can be made.  Places cannot be held open beyond the first day of term unless permission has been obtained in advance. Tuition and accommodation fees are charged from the beginning of term and no reductions are available because of late arrival.  If you have reserved a room but are unable to register on time you must also inform our Accommodation Office of your arrival date.And then the learning starts … The programme is split into two semesters. Semester one runs from September to December with exams in January. Semester two runs from January to May with exams in May/June – view the dates here. You will have one day a week free from lectures. This means you can get a part-time job, volunteer for a local organisation or undertake work experience to strengthen your CV ready for your career.   Our Innovation, Careers and Enterprise (ICE) centre can help you find roles that are right for you. Use the links below to find out everything you'll need to know before arriving at Hartpury> Before you arrive> Welcome Week and Freshers'> FAQ's
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