I'm currently studying for bsc psych and last year I qualified as a counsellor. I specialise in trauma therapy and for pretty much the first time in my life I can wholeheartedly say I 😍 my job.
Last year I started the bsc and something I heard repeatedly was... Well, there were 2 things: "how can you be a therapist if you've not done this degree yet?" & then perhaps unsurprisingly the follow up "so why are you doing this course then?" I'll respond to the first question in a separate post but for now, why psychology?
I have a confession. I'm a bit of a psychology nerd! I read research papers for fun and I enjoy learning what we know about our fellow humans. I was amazed when we discovered that the previously thought solid brain damage of anorexia has now been shown to repair through recovery to a point of regular healthy brain. How cool is this? I like how when the research is well timed it can have huge impacts out in the real world of, for example, child sexual exploitation prevention or changes to national curriculum. My brain likes to problem solve and analyse and it loves people, psychology is a good fit.
It's good to let your passions drive you. Studying to be a therapist reignited my love of psychology and so I enrolled to complete my degree.