The five people you’ll encounter at UCLan gym.

STFSC is the perfect place to work out. It's the only free gym on campus (unless you live in Moor Lane) and is nearby most uni buildings. For those of you living in Leighton Halls, given that it is next door, you have no excuse to not keep in shape. It’s also an absolutely valid excuse for putting off that essay.

You’ll encounter roughly five types of people upon visiting the UCLan gym - here’s a rundown of each.

The person who wants you to know that they’re on a sports team.

Usually a member of UCLan’s American Football team, the Rams, they’ll be kitted out in their red and black hat, polo and trackies. Often found in the free weights section, you’ll hear them shouting across at their mate about whether or not they’re going to training on Wednesday. We get it. You play varsity.

The girls getting ready for rift.

These usually come in packs of 5. Solely there to do weighted squats, one of them will take on the position of leader, encouraging the others to do 'just one more' squat. Discussions amongst the group will include outfit choices and what they’re planning on doing with their hair. Also, giggling.

The guy who thinks he’s a personal trainer.

Correcting his mates’ form. Correcting everyone’s form. Whether requested or not, this guy is always on hand to dish out workout advice. Probably a sports therapy student who just got a first in one of his modules, he’s now decided he’s the expert on all things gym related, and that everything you’re doing is wrong.

The guy who has no idea what he’s doing.

The gym staff don’t dole out much advice, other than pointing at treadmills and explaining that “that’s for cardio.” This means that those who are just starting out are either left to figure things out for themselves or find number 3 on this list. If that guy's taking a day off, this guy will hesitantly approach resistance machines, examining the diagram to see which muscle group it’s for. He will end up giving up and going for the safer cardio option.


These appear just before Christmas and pop up every so often throughout the year. They’re always a nuisance, but you were one of them at some point. It’s either an open day, an applicant day or induction day, and these groups of people will be wandering around the gym, getting in your way, or appearing 10 minutes into your cardio work out - just as you’re building up a sweat. All of a sudden you find yourself unwittingly giving a demonstration of how to use the leg press and you're rarely happy about it.

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