Did you knows that when it comes to registration and having a physical disability, it's more timer consuming to register for classes. Why? Because we literally have to match the classes we need to take to not only the ones that are available, but to the ones that are available and located in a ADA (Americans with Dissability Act) Accessible building; which from experience are not always accessible... I recall the spring semester of my freshman year I forgot to check for that detail when registering and came the first day of school, I had no way of getting to my class because the main entrance was accessible but the floor my class was on wasn't. So, I went to the center of accommodations and that week the entire class was moved to another location. Granted it fixed my accessibility situation but, it didn't really please others nor keep what felt to me as piercing eyes, away.... fyi I'm the type of person who likes to be in the back so no attention is on me; didn't exactly work for this class...

Has anyone experienced registration issues???
Please share!