Facebook Strikes Again With a New Video Service

Youtube and other video networks are soon to be extinct with the launch of Facebook Video, a new service which will soon offer shows funded by the social media. Founder Mark Zuckerberg believes this will be the start of a new frontier in TV show discussion, suggesting that "watching a show doesn't have to be passive". Video has been available on the network for a while, but has recently been dominated by adverts halfway through clips, causing annoyance to many users. This is a change for Facebook, who once promised an ad-free environment to engage the masses.

"Watching a show doesn't have to be passive"

From its launch onwards, users can expect to see factual documentaries, cookery tips and fitness programmes, with Facebook hinting towards producing their own original content. But the idea of Facebook replacing streaming giant Netflix is unlikely, as their ad-based system seems to be dissuading amateur filmmakers from posting their own content. Facebook also seems to have content lined up, with the likes of Major League Baseball, reality tv-shows and a safari show from documentary professionals National Geographic.

Watch will have limited release in the US before rolling out worldwide.