House One Down

So today was the day Chris was sent on a magical adventure to view what was possibly our future home. He got up early, pretty much shoved my meds down my throats and left.
He got on the bus paid the ridiculous bus fee to go all the way to Scarborough, got 10 miles down the road and received a phone call.
The flat he was going to visit has already gone to someone else... I was crushed. This flat was perfect for us. Right by the sea, all the shops a minute or so away, my support group around the corner.
The actual flat was a 3 bed flat, the smallest room would be chris study and the biggest room our room with the guest room or another room for when my nightmares get bad and I have to be in a separate room.
But it's gone. Packing and preparing to leave is so much harder when you don't know where you're going. Being evicted is not a fun game.
We weren't evicted through our own fault but that doesn't stop it from being any harder having to find somewhere new and the funds for a deposit, moving van etc.
Stress levels are once again through the roof