This was a really great day. I had a trip with my friends in Alpes where we walked like 5 hours until we got at this amazing river of which I was fascinating of his colour and of the picture that I had the posibility to enjoy it. We walked beside the river until we arrived at a waterfall, I will put a picture with it soon, I can tell it is amazing, a pice of heaven. This vacation I saw a lot of amazing places in Alpes from France. The landscape with mountains, forest, river colour with his stones , and the clouds were as close that you believe your flying. Nothing can be better than a trip just like this, with your friends in nature walking down the river in a hot summer day. The coolness of the river was perfect for us in a day like this, where the wind rises water patrticules blowing them to us. I can say it was a really perfect day, I could not wish more from that day. #SummerBloggin #lovely #France #LastWeek #travel #trip #lovely day