What to Expect on Results Day

It is a shame we cannot all be blessed with an unconditional and a definite place at university so results day can be a stressful day. Will you reach the UCAS points you need? Will your firm choice accept you? What happens if I don’t get in? We all have many questions so here are the basic things on what you will expect on results day.

1. Expect to Call your university

Results Day is on 17th August this year, so do make sure you are free and that you are aware of your track sign in on UCAS so you will be able to call your firm and insurance on your results and that you accept their offer. Each university will be incredibly busy that day so be prepared to get up early.

2. What if I don’t reach the entry requirements?

There are several options which could happen if you did not achieve the grades.

You could be lucky and the university might accept you anyway which is why it is extremely important you call early. Maybe add a few tears, a sympathetic anecdote, this is your chance to get your place! Universities also really appreciate passion and dedication so if you showcase how hard you will work at university, they might consider you.

You might also be considered a ‘changed course offer’ at your firm university which is your choice on whether to accept or decline. This could be for courses that are less popular at the university and they would like to fill the places. Remember though if this is the university you really want to go to, even if it is not the course you chose to do you can easily change the course when you officially get a place, if that course is not filled. This is an effective way to gain entry to your favourite university and hopefully with some dedication you will eventually get into your chosen course.

3. Clearing

This is the term which sends shivers down students’ spines.

This is the system for students who unfortunately did not gain their place at their chosen university so now they are on the hunt for somewhere to take them. This can be extremely stressful especially if you end up in a completely different university and accommodation will also have to be reorganised. Clearing can be a blessing in disguise as well. You might end up in a higher rated university which cheaper accommodation and a more exciting course. Even if you do get your place in your chosen university, you can still check clearing to settle your doubts and show whether you are completely satisfied with your place. It is a lot easier to change a course within the same university than it is to change university altogether. So, make sure that is the place you want to be.

4. Over-achiever

If your grades are a lot better than expected:

• First, congratulations! Your hard-work has paid off meaning not only did you achieve your place but you exceeded expectations and have a lot more options if you would like to explore them.

• UCAS also has an adjustment service so you can research courses with higher entry requirements and see if they’re more opportunities and interesting topics within them courses!

I hope this post has helped some of you gain more perspective on what to expect and what choices you have if you do or don’t get into your course.

Comment down below if you have a conditional or unconditional offer and what course you have chosen.

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