Great channel guys! I suffer from anxiety so get pretty stressed, so here are some things I do to help a little:
Yoga - (the gentle kind with meditation, find YouTube tutorials and follow along), or if not yoga, even just a little stretch in the evening before bed! Really helps you sleep.
A bath with some "Epsom salts" poured in - natural salts full of magnesium and other vitamins, it really relaxes your muscles!
I also find playlists on YouTube or Spotify that have nature sounds such as rain and bird song and just listen to that if I'm really stressed.
One thing I find is that I get very overwhelmed and stressed when I have a ton of things to do at once. But you can't do everything at once! So what I've learnt to do is break it into three bite size tasks each day, and put these three tasks in my phone notes the night before. If I complete the three tasks in the day I get to treat myself for the rest of the evening!