Hey everyone! I haven’t really talked about my experience in Australia, besides one post in which I’ve explained the application process. I feel like I have so many things I’d like to say, but at the same time they happened three years ago, which is not exactly around the corner.

In this article I’ll talk about my daily life there.

During my first week in Canberra I went to school with students younger than me. This is because the older ones had an exam session going on. It was a nice ice-breaking time and definitely really chilled. I was in the same school, St Mary MacKillop College, but this building was in a different location than the buildings for 10th to 12th grade students. My host sister was actually there, since at the time she was 13.

I wasn’t the only exchange student there, in fact there were four other Italians (who I am really close to), a Japanese and a couple of French students. It was really nice to know that other people were in my same situation and we created strong friendships. In my opinion the fact that there were other Italians did not affected my English or slowed down the learning process. The important thing is to talk as much as you can in English, watch films and listen to the radio. Before going there my English level was all right, but I couldn’t really distinguish between different accents and my listening game was not that strong.

After a month in Australia I could clearly understand their accent and most of what they were saying.

After the first week the entire college was on school break, which surprised me because we have a totally different academic calendar.

Then I attended 11th grade lessons. I picked six subjects: Hospitality, PE, Fine Arts, Media, English Literature and Italian (we were supposed to help Aussie students to learn Italian).

Hospitality was pretty much a cooking workshop/barista kind of thing;

during PE we would play basketball or football, usually outdoors;

for Fine Arts I did a couple of paintings;

during Media my friend Federico and I planned a short film for an ad;

during English we studied Oscar Wilde and Italian was really fun because I got to help other students.

Everyday school would start at 9am and end at around 3pm, with of course mid morning and lunch breaks. I used to wake up quite early since I had to take the bus to get to school, but it wasn’t too bad.

After I got back from school I would usually go to the mall to use their wifi, because otherwise I would pretty much have no access to Internet😅. Then I would get home and either go running or swimming or go to the actual city center by bus. I really love exploring places and walking around.

I would have dinner with my host family quite early, between 6 and 7pm, and we would watch Grand Designs or something else.

So this was pretty much my daily routine in Canberra. Thank you so much for reading my article!!!

See ya later! X