it is time for... ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY!!! (August 13)

Let's see what happened today!

3114 BC - According to the Lounsbury correlation, the start of the Mayan calendar (similar to one previously this month to do with the calendar).

1326 - Aradia de Toscano, according to legend/folklore, is initiated into a Dianic witchcraft cult and subsequently founds the tradition of Stregheria, later known as the Malandanti. (super cool.. I love all things witchcraft)

1536 - Buddhist monks from Kyōto's Enryaku Temple set fire to 21 Nichiren temples throughout Kyoto in the Tenbun Hokke Disturbance. (this is quite hard to take in)

1553 - Michael Servetus is arrested by John Calvin in Geneva as a heretic.

1608 - John Smith's story of Jamestown's first days submitted for publication.

1642 - Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens discovers Martian south polar cap.

1732 - Voltaire's "Zaire" premieres in Paris.

1792 - Revolutionaries imprison French royals, including Marie Antoinette.

1814 - Treaty of London-Netherland stops transporting slaves.

1868 - Earthquakes kill 25,000 & causes $300 million damages (Peru & Ecuador).

1886 - John A. Macdonald uses a silver hammer to pound a gold spike, officially completing the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway in British Columbia.

1889 - William Gray patents coin-operated telephone.

1892 - US black newspaper "Afro-American" begins publishing from Baltimore.

1907 - 1st taxicabs operate in New York City, imported by Harry N. Allen

1913 - Invention of stainless steel by Harry Brearley, Sheffield, England.

1932 - Hitler refuses President von Hindenburg's proposal to become vice-chancellor of Germany.

1937 - Second Sino-Japanese War: Japanese forces begin the Battle of Shanghai, a conflict that will last 3 months and involve 1 million troops.

1940 - Hermann Goering's "Adler Tag" (Eagle day); 45-48 German aircraft shot down over Southern England (Battle of Britain).

1941- Red army evacuates Smolensk.

1950 - US President Harry Truman gives military aid to Vietnamese regime of Bao-Dai.

1961- Construction of the Berlin Wall begins in East Germany.

1964 - 1st broadcast by Trans World Radio on Bonaire.

1977 - 1st test glide of space shuttle.

1989 - 2 hot-air balloons crash at Alice Springs, Australia, 13 killed

1989 - US space shuttle STS-28 lands.

1996 - Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 3.0

1997 - South Park's first episode is aired.

Hope you all enjoy, and see you again soon!! :)