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If Lincoln students belonged to a house in Game of Thrones, it would be...

The Starks.

When you think about it, Lincoln students have a lot in common with the Dire wolf-owning folk of Winterfell.

Winter is coming

No matter how nice the weather might be when we arrive in September, we are all very aware that Lincoln will return to its usual grey, wet and windy state very soon. Just like the Starks, we’re never slow to point out that summer won’t last forever.

Lords in the north… kind of

The Starks' home is in Winterfell, in the north of Westeros… kind of? Because further north still is Castle Black and beyond even that is the true north, north of the wall where the Wildlings and (shudder) the white walkers reside. Similarly, just quite where Lincoln is located becomes a hot topic of debate. Are we in the North? Are we in the Midlands? Does the fact that Nando's lists us under ‘the East’ on their restaurant finder settle the matter? No one knows.

Even when separated, they think of each other

Since the end of season one, the Starks have been spread all over Westeros. Arya hasn’t seen a member of her family since she saw her Dad get... well... you know. But they all remain firmly in each other’s thoughts, especially Arya who is on a retribution rampage. Lincoln students are the same, even when we’re separated for Christmas or the summer, we’re thinking about when we’ll be reunited with our little uni family.

What Game of Thrones house do you think you belong to? Let me know in comments.

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