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Day 67 ////// 061017


I was told it was gonna be lads night. Nah uh, all my boyfriends' friends' girlfriends were there. So me being able to chill with the boys turned into being forced to dance... Not what I anticipated! I find it so hard to feel comfortable around people I don't know or who barely know me. The boys are cool in this group, they just want an easy life.

But their girlfriends are a bit different to me.. Nothing against them ofc I just think Im new to them and I think we are all a bit wary!

It was fun though. It's fun to just pick little bits of new ciders and hope for a good one! I have to be careful with drinks like that because too much will set of my gluten intolerance so bad... Like severe stomach pain!

My boyfriend had too much fun and ended up in the dog house. And as the internet is available to all I will not write anything else.

Drunk? 😂

1507660742561.jpg This is what happens when u mix 🍷 🍻

The night wasn't what I expected but it turned out to be a fun experience. I had some good chats with some out in the beer garden so we'll probabaly have to host dinners soon! Where Il talk about them more :)

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No need for negativity just positivity!