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Money hacks at uni that every student should know.

You’ve got your student loan through, and the world is already starting to look rosier. However, that bank balance won’t last long – expect to start uni and after a few weeks, most of that loan will get swiped from your hands straight away.

Saving money at uni doesn’t necessarily require any effort but rather a bit of savviness. Read on to find out my best money hacks at uni that every student should know!

You often don’t need to buy textbooks.

Of course, it depends on your course, but I found that I didn’t need to buy a single textbook in my three years at uni. Unfortunately, I only realised this just before I started my third year but better late than never. Admittedly, it does feel good buying all of your textbooks, and you feel like more of a model student, but you can get most of them at the library or access them online for free.

Get down to the club while it’s free entry.

Before you go out, plan your evening and find out what time the club stops offering free entry. Getting to the club at 10:31 pm could be the difference between saving £6 - which could pay for a couple of shots or your McDonalds on the way home.

Milk Fresher’s Fair for all you can.

Fresher’s fairs are great, and you’ll find yourself still going to them -even in your third year. These fairs are ideal for picking up lots of freebies, including goodie bags containing various dried food and snacks, and also free slices of Dominos pizzas. Eating your lunch (and dinner in some cases) at these fairs is an excellent way to save you money – and you can happily go back for seconds!

Be friends with a promoter.

Being friendly with a club promotor is a good way to snag yourself free entry and even free VIP in some cases. Not only this, but they’ll be able to tell you all of the best places in the city to go out.

Spend all day in the library.

Spending as little time at home and as much as you can in the library is a win-win, especially when the weather gets colder, because you’ll keep bills lower by turning off your central heating and inevitably get more work done. If you do get bored of going to the same library, mix it up by doing to a different one and even coffee shops (but beware that you may have to buy a drink to stay in there).

Make all of your flatmates get Uber.

Sometimes taking a taxi to the club is the only option, but who really wants to pay a fiver each for what is potentially only a short ride? By downloading Uber, you can each get your own individual invite code which gives you a free ride up to £5 whenever you refer one of your friends to sign up to Uber. Basically, if a group of you get together, you can end up saving a lot of money.

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