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A lot of ways to get away from day by day problems, one of this is to have an amazing trip in amazing places. This is the waterfall that I talked in previous post. So tell me, isn't here like in a place from heaven? What you can wish more from a view like this ? I tell you, nothing. I wish I can tell you my feelings what I had when I was there, but that feelings can't be explained. In a hot summer day like this, the coolness from waterfall is just the greatest thing you can recive. The water look like it fall from the sky, making here a piece of heaven. Look at the view, the light, the waterfall, all green colour, make you feel that you are in another world. That day was just amazing, a day where I learned to apreciate the God's Art, this being an important thing. I hope that you will understand my feelings, my words that I am writing here, the picture sure will help you to got what I am sayin'. 💚💙 #SummerBloggin #waterfall #amazingview #peaceful #trip #relax #enjoying #the #natur #France #travel #lastweek 1502746272355.jpg