Sorry but if you're from Birmingham, Wolverhampton or Stafford then the chances are you're gunna have to decide if you're northern or southern.


So the north south divide is an argument which not only effects students but also the entire of the United Kingdom... one way which people split the country is via church provinces. Province of Canterbury vs Province of York. Old churches and religion plays a part in a lot of British culture but does it really define what we class as north and south and like most ways of dividing the country, it forgets that there is a middle of the country.

Using the map above the Birmingham, Lincoln and Derby are all Southern and Sheffield and Chester just about make it into the Northern half of the country but not many people agree with this. Most argue that Birmingham is northern, although those who argue it are mainly southern as they're incredibly proud and stubborn (being a northerner who moved down south I can confirm this).


The map above shows the “border” between North and South in England and Wales (Scotland is even further North) and this is based on a study by the University of Sheffield in 2007.

The reason this is such a controversial topic is that it is based majorly on opinions... One reddit user Flewbs stated:

The North-South border is extremely well-defined, just ask any Northerner and he will gladly tell you that ‘the South’ is everywhere immediately south of where he happens to live.

The reason this map does not include the midlands is because the midlands adds more confusion than clarity to the argument and so many decided to split the midlands diagonally between the bottom of wales and Lincoln.

This line represents many different factors and it weaves between houses and farmland. One way the line defines north and south is that those south of the line are more likely to go to Russell Group Universities (and are more likely to travel north to university). Another factor is that those north of the line are more likely to live an extra year and yet have a higher birth fatality rate.

Other factors which the line represent is house prices and expenses, labour vs conservative voting patterns are also defined by the line and which way the general populace are likely to vote.

So again, the midlands does not exist according to studies conducted by a university, religion and also pies...

Yes you heard it correctly... Greggs even got involved in the north/south divide debate.


Many people did not like the Greggs divide. Birmingham is considered north on this map but Lincoln and Sheffield were considered South!!! This map was based on a study done by The Tab. The Tab has drawn a line in the sand based on the number of branches of Greggs per head of population. Their algorithm decides that the fewer people per shop, the more northern that place is. The tipping point is 25,000 people per branch. Anything above that number, and you’re in the south.

This is ridiculous for many reasons but just one example of why this just doesn't work is that Sheffield has 39,500 people per branch of Greggs (compare that to 10,500 in Manchester), which makes the city actually more southern than Southampton which we know geographically just isn't true.

When measuring by the number of outlets per square mile, however, the City of London was officially the area of Britain with both the most Greggs per head with 39.2 for every 100,000 residents and also for the most Greggs per square mile with 4.46 but is this because it's more southern or just because theres a lot more people to feed, lots more money to be spent and lots of people who like Greggs.


So where is the north/south divide? Honestly I don't think anyone knows but one thing can be seen quite clearly from all these maps... NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE MIDLANDS!!

Sorry to say it but if you're reading a map and you're looking for the north and you're in Birmingham, chances are you're in the north but wonder over to Sheffield and honestly no one really knows but one thing is for sure, you're definitely not in The Midlands.


P.S. Just to be clear, this is a humorous piece, please don't bite my head off. Just using maps to have a laugh.