Post #24 - Day 2.

Yesterday I moved everything in; I though I could get it done by midday but no it toon me till about 2!! But man I love it everything is so cosy!! I think I left my blankets at home though, but I have no idea where they would be? My room was practically empty when I left.
Last night was the first night out - and of course 8 have an anxiety attack and have to go back to my room at half nine. However pre drinks was fun and I met some fab people! I literally got into the club and was fine, but then I went to the toilet and I was in there for half hour to an hour and I just couldn't leave, everything went into shut down. I finally left and a friend called me over to there table where I stayed for maybe five minutes and then went back to the toilet and did the same thing. I finally built the courage to go and was determined to get out the doors; where the bouncers must have known something was wrong and the showed me to a girl who looked after me (at this point I was hyperventilating and crying) and took me to the bus stop.
So all in all that was a tad embarrassing, i think it was mainly die to tiredness and that there was just so many people that I didn't know. I'm so used to going clubbing and knowing everyone so this was the complete opposite to me.
How was your guys night?