Prompt: Time

Time is in-charge.

Time rules our world and runs our lives, we are enveloped and obsessed with Time. All the perfections and numbers that we live through and count down till the day we perish. Time watches over us with a wicked glint in it’s eye, curling around us, swarming our thoughts with schedules and dates we will laugh over, cry over, wither over.

Because for every seconds that passes we have planned out a life, we ponder on the times at which we do things, bed times, dinner times, birth dates, death dates. Our lives from birth to death are controlled by Time. We cannot escape it, we cannot fight Time. A war against Time is a war lost forever, for even the event of war and battle has it’s Time, it will be the death of us, this wonderment on how our time is spent wisely. Time is our ruler, our currency, our life plan, our world.

We try to take control over Time. Immortality, to battle a loss of Time to live, yet even with immortality we count the days, weeks, months, years we have been on this planet, even wonder when the immortal will perish, someday...somehow the immortal with die. We will wish it upon ourselves when immortality becomes us, we will beg Time to take our lives and land once more. Prey to Time like a Christian will a pool of sins to banish, “Oh Time! Forgive us! Let us go to Hades, to perish only to wait for a new life to begin! Take our world! Take our gold! We are forever faithful!” But no food is forever faithful to the famished beast that commands our armies, our peasants, our royals and our children.

We try once more. To take charge, to become a captain of Time itself. Time travel, perhaps? Our faith thrown out the window with our submission as we try and try again to move Time. Pushing and shoving and heaving the mountain we are buried under, a horde of people already wondering when they will die, but to Time are already dying. We will travel back in time, flick through the past, but the second we land it has become the present and where we used to be the future, a future too far away to reach, because Time is still in control. We feel empowered because we can throw away seconds unforgivingly like flicking pages of a book you’ve read again and again. Yet Time is still winning. Time’s rage spills out those pages and burns in our throats, choking us with it’s perfection. We can rewind, but each second we replay is still just as long, just as short, just as minuscule in our lives. We have power blurring our vision like rose-tinted glasses. Because Time hasn’t lifted a finger for you and your petty attempts to control it, Time has won. Time has you caught in it’s net, a loop of the same hour on repeat because no moment is perfect to humanity, you will waste decades of your life perfecting a moment. You will live and die in that moment, you will be reborn in that moment, infinite pleasure for Time’s salivating lips.

You cannot kill our ruler. Forever faithful you will be.