My Favourite University meals!

Tried and tasted by oneself so this is my top 3 favourite uni meals to eat and enjoy whilst in halls 😊

1. Sausage casserole: I saw this recipe on another Campus society blog (By @​ShannonClarke posted in Bites🍕) and I just had to try it, so after going to my local supermarket and buying a lot of ingredients I finally made this! I am so glad that I did as I managed to make 5 meals out of this!


2. Mum's homemade Lasagna: My mum makes the best tasting lasagna I've ever tired! She made two for me to bring back to the Uni to eat, in two little colour dishes and all I had to do is reheat them 😊


3. Pasta and any sauce!: I am defiantly a big fan or pasta! Especially when I have no idea what to eat, I will usually end up eating pasta with a random sauce found in my cupboard, I have a good selection of different flavoured pesto (green, red as well as ) and some different jar sauces (bolognese, macaroni, garlic and herb).


Thank you reading guys, I will be posting a bit more now as my assignments are now all done and its now time for Christmas🎄💖